Sunday, June 13, 2010

Renewing Your Lease.....

With a car or truck you either shell out lots of cash to own and call your own or you lease and pay as you go.

In life you only lease the time we share together. Not difficult to comprehend. Each breath is a gift. There is no warranty.

Thus there is only a limited amount of control of our destiny. Correct.

We have the ability to choose. That sets us apart.

We can hang whatever kinds of stuff off our body that suggests whatever we wish to those who look. We can paint, oil, tuck, or disguise our basic self into just about anything we so choose.
Yet so few choose to take a hard look at their core chassis & opt to take a few realist steps needed extend their time or lease with those who care.

As July approaches I look toward another anniversary of the day that some doctor in Maine spanked my behind & and so was my first breath. Since then I have been breathing for 22, 982 or so days.

By all accounts & recollections those 22,982 days have been very a hoot and at least to me that’s all that really matters.

I have fathered wonderful children. I have partnered with a splendid woman who has shared all matters of thick & thin.

Yet as this day ends I know not how many breaths are left to share….and I really don’t care.
I say that because I have decided that my future paths will be no different than those taken in the past.

My selfish joy has emanated from all forms of challenges. Some 50 marathons and I’m presently over some 1,000 miles into my third journey around this plant by foot. Yet I now realize that I must change, time to renew the lease.

I must ride and not run…at least not run as much.

The feedback from foot, knee & hip aliments suggest that I must reduce the stress and pounding on my body. I have carried 215 Clydesdale pounds over all those miles and the time has now come to, quite simply, change. A new lease is at hand.

I have now discovered that my new tool to endorphin release is an 18 pound road bike. I work myself to lather as I pedal my ass off for miles upon miles and swoop down mountain passes at over 40 miles per hour. A beautiful rush indeed!

I like this lease.
I know that I have now found a way to extend this valuable lease for this mere speck of time shared with you.

I waste no mere click of the clock of time as I push this lease to the limits.

How is your lease? When will you renew your lease?

OBTW….do follow Team Little Guy at as we ride over 200 miles on Thurs/Fri/Sat to military bases in North Carolina this week to deliver a check for $100,000 that we raised for the Hope For Warriors effort. .

Rock on TLG!


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