Saturday, May 22, 2010

14,600 Mornings Together....

As I slowly faded out of slumber back into this new day I lay very still in bed. I listened to the soft sounds of breath coming from within 12 inches of my left ear.

I did not move much as I rolled over and looked at the face I have seen on a pillow beside me for the most of 14,600 of so mornings in our mornings together.

I smiled as I thought of this incredible life we have as one….hand in hand down this path of life sharing all that comes our way. We share a common love born of commitment & determination to find the best out of the good—bad—and ugly.

We survive and have grown by finding our own way through this thicket of life’s miracles—surprises—and disappointments. We always try to end each day with a kiss…no matter what might not have gone as planned or desired that day.

We love our children with every ounce we can muster no matter what. Yet, we never let our attention to them diminish the joy we share with each other.

We share miles of sidelines and finish lines. We shared victory together and planned to work harder to do better the next time out.

She is there when I ride off for my mountain miles and listens to my tall tales of travel when I return.

I love my mate….my lover….my friend….my joy!

Tomorrow brings the 1st day on the next 14,600 days together…..

LuLu my rock…my beacon….my light….

You make dust…..each & every day….


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