Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On Being Relevant....

On Being Relevant

Are you a relevant person? Do you care if you are or not? Do relevant people make a difference in your life? Do you care?

I suspect that most people hope to go through life being, “somewhat relevant” during the speck of time that we exist on this planet. For the most part, parents are relevant to their children and ditto for the kids to the parents. After all, if that were not the case why be parents or children in the first place?

I know so many people who I have encountered through the years who are extremely relevant. They have accomplished so much in their lives that we, as a whole, are much better off in our existence. Yet I know many men & women who have led very simple and insular lives that have had very little effect on others. Yet in their own way were…very relevant.

So this begets the question, “is it all so important to be a relevant person?” The answer is yes.
Relevant people make a difference. So you ask the question, “Are there good relevant people and bad relevant people?” The answer is again yes. If someone fires you from a job, for whatever reason, becomes a relevant person in your life. However is that person as relevant as the person who hired you for the position? Good question. In this case only you can make that call.

Are people of athletic persuasions who engage in, “individual” sporting activities such a long distance running or cycling more relevant in these activities compared to those who engage in team sports? The individual athlete depends on their own capabilities to perform & be relevant----one way or another. The team depends on each other to accomplish their goals and attain their shared degree of relevancy.

A certain golfer of note seems to still be relevant after engaging in outrageous behavior that shocked the world. Yet we….as a whole…allowed him to maintain his relevancy by not pulling the plug with all of his sponsors. We, in effect, condoned his behavior and lowered our collective level of acceptable behavior to a new low.

Was that certain golfer more relevant than say… Captain Sully or say Mother Teresa? Oh….I guess they needed to be more relevant in order to be sponsored by Nike or all the others who celebrated the excesses of the flesh and brazen infidelity by their silence and continued support.

I certainly didn’t expect to be relevant in these some 400 words. I only suggest that each of us strive to be relevant in the specs of time we share with each other and hold accountable those who aren’t.

At the end of the day Captain Sully & Mother Teresa……MAKE DUST!


Mother Nature Makes Dust & Plenty of it!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Improbable Comeback---It Starts Today....

There are few, if any, that have made as much dust as Tiger Woods. No other athlete in history rose to the front of the class as the titanic of money making and fame in our global world.

That famous ship, as we all know, sunk so quickly and suddenly as it hit ice below the waterline. Tiger's demise was as quick and deadly from activities below the waistline.

He made more dust than all others combined. Then, on one fate full night, he was buried by the very dust he once left behind.

Today is he rebirth. Today he reenters the public eye---front & center. Jonathan Mahler wrote a fascinating piece in the NY Times Sunday Times Magazine. I highly recommend that you read his article.


We will all watch as this once iconic figure can regain his position.......at the front of the pack....

Making dust.........