Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Improbable Comeback---It Starts Today....

There are few, if any, that have made as much dust as Tiger Woods. No other athlete in history rose to the front of the class as the titanic of money making and fame in our global world.

That famous ship, as we all know, sunk so quickly and suddenly as it hit ice below the waterline. Tiger's demise was as quick and deadly from activities below the waistline.

He made more dust than all others combined. Then, on one fate full night, he was buried by the very dust he once left behind.

Today is he rebirth. Today he reenters the public eye---front & center. Jonathan Mahler wrote a fascinating piece in the NY Times Sunday Times Magazine. I highly recommend that you read his article.

We will all watch as this once iconic figure can regain his the front of the pack....

Making dust.........


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