Saturday, February 27, 2010


Commitment ....

What is it?

Do you have it?

It is the end of February and the 2010 Winter Olympics are ending. It has been a marvelous display of athletic achievement at all levels. Favorites have won—favorites have lost. Why?

Good question. We have seen athletes of great talent perform well on the world stage. We have seen some with far less talent kick butt & take the gold. Why?

Think about your own successes or disappointments. Why did you run your own PR marathon or why did you crash? How about your personal life? Why did you marry……and stay married? Why did you divorce? Did it fail…or was it avoidable?

We set goals…we dream. The difference between a dream and success is…..well….commitment. It is relatively easy to set a goal. We imagine ourselves running an effortless 26.2 road race or riding a seamless 100 mile road race.

In life we dream of meeting the perfect mate and living a perfect life together. Yet in reality our own imperfections run into each other and we must deal with out differences. We look at our own expectations & needs and then decide if we can adapt and accept the sum total of our mate. What glue exists to help us grow old together?

The task of preparing for a 26.2 mile road race is daunting. The task of two living a life as one is daunting. What holds is all together?


When we begin our assault on the 26.2 distance we set a plan that takes weeks of training and dedication to miles upon miles of effort and…….commitment. We give up so much in order to attain our lofty goal. We invite family & friends to watch as we sacrifice so much to prepare to run so far. Yet are we so selfish & self absorbed to isolate ourselves in those hours upon hours of insular training?

The process of courtship should allow us to vet those who don’t quite measure up. So many enter the corral of possibility….only to be tossed to the curb of reality as we narrow the field of suitable candidates. We hope to wallow thru lust as we paddle our way to enduring love.

Training is the process through which we patch the pieces of our plan together on a daily basis. The race is the table where we dine or barf on the results.

Commitment is the stuff that cements the miles of our life together. We look beyond our shortcomings and frailties to the commitment of our spirit to endure through the endless miles and potholes of every day life.

Our lifelong success is the sum total of our commitments to ourselves and each other.

Our race is run on a daily basis.

Without commitment there is…….

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