Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Run......

The 1st steps were treacherous.

Uphill on early snow/ice from a mountain night of winter mix.

This was not expected. Early December in the mountains of southwest Virginia are usually cool—but not cold. The real glimpses of winter come in January or February. Early December snow is just that—too early.

I run up through a back woods path from our cabin that is frozen over and rutty. I look down with each step and try to plan each foot strike as to not turn an ankle or slip and fall on my butt. The path angles up as it runs up near the Blue Ridge Parkway.

On any given day…in normal weather this is an easy run…..the only obstacles are the cars driving along America’s most visited National park. Not today.

I am alone.

On wintry days the Parkway is closed to visitors as it is not plowed or sanded. The curves in the shady areas are skating rinks when the road freezes over. The squirrels slip & slide as they cross the ice. On this day I am alone on this national treasure.

As I gingerly inch forward step-by-step I hear the snow and ice crack under my foot strikes. I hear nothing else. The total silence is pure and cold. I look through the naked trees and see further into the forest. I feel the forest eyes looking at me as I run down the middle of the snowy Parkway.

I find myself lost in the moment as I am totally absorbed in this perfect winter morning moment. I am transformed into a perfect place. My senses are pure. I am elevated into a moment of perfection. I want this moment to go on forever.

It doesn’t.

I slip and fall on my ass. The distant creatures giggle. I am not alone.

This winter day……Made Dust……

I will not forget it.

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