Thursday, November 12, 2009

Punk Dog Wines-----They Make Dust!

So it's Tuesday night this week and I'm traveling on business. On this night I'm laying my head on the pillow at the Sheraton Kauai. I get to the hotel after a long day at our farm on the south shore. I'm beat--tired and thirsty.

I get my run and workout done with and head to the restaurant. I already know that a nice glass of red wine would be in my immediate future. I closely examine the wine list and notice a name I hadn't seen before. There before me was the name Punk Dog wine from Napa. it was a 2004 called "Sophie's Romp."

I knew I had to try this one. WOW! Great selection! This "blend" hit it out of the park. Sophie's Romp is a bold fruit forward blend. Cabernet and Zinfandel make up the base with Merlot and Petite Sirah rounding out the rest. Awesome!

I love those special moments where I find a wine that truly set's itself apart. Punk Dog , Makes Dust in a big way!!




  1. Sounds delicious....the bottle looks cool too!

  2. And of course "Sophie's Romp" is a wonderful name!