Monday, September 14, 2009

11 days and counting....

Lets's 2009.....the last time I rode a bike 200 miles in two days it was 1985. Do the math. Yikes!

So on Saturday September 26th I will join my Team Little Guy teammates at 7:30 am at Volvo Truck Headquarters in Greensboro, NC. That is the Start of the 2009 MS Tour to Tanglewood 200 mile bike ride. We ride from Greensboro some 100 miles to Tanglewood Park. When then camp out with some other 2000 plus riders and share beers, tears and fears of the next 100 miles at sunup on Sunday.

Now you do recall from a previous blog that I've only owned the mighty Tommasso for six weeks now. To think, we are hardly acquainted. Yet....I have no choice....#1 son Eric promptly included me in the TLG team who will pedal our collective assess off on the 26/27. today is Monday the 14 and my butt is bruised from my 36 mile training ride yesterday on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Its....just that these road bike seats are SO SMALL with NO padding. And my boney butt has no natural padding at all!

Alright already I know I not complain. After all this ride is for a WONDERFUL cause.....MS. I have a goal of raising $500.00 dollars for the cause. So many friends have helped thru sponsoring me during the ride. That is the BEST support. I am truly humbled.

OK....these new fangled bikes have scary clips that lock in your bike shoe. Hey....back in 1985 there were toe cages that worked just fine. But ooooooh is VERY un-cool to have anything else but the newest shoe grabber on those pedals.....these new devices work great when you spin....but look out when you try to get your shoe out of those contraptions! Yikes!

So there you have it......move aside Lance....Bubba is on a to if only I can stop without falling down!!!????? Does anyone have any suggestions for clips that are easy in AND OUT?? Please do let me know!

More to follow as the ride gets nearer......until I remain.....on the highways & byways still trying to make a little dust......:)


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