Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Make Dust or Eat Dust......Our Purpose.

OK.......the time has finally arrived.....I must share the deep secrets of my success. I must pass along the life ingredients you need to lead a healthy competitive life that brings joy to you & your loved ones.

This blog will be your your blue print....your guide post.....your beacon to living a positive lifestyle that sets you apart from the herd and puts a smile on your face....a fire in your belly.....and a will to exceed that simply cannot be extinguished.

Ambitious you ask? But of course it is! NOTHING is free from the of labor of life that gives it all meaning and importance. I have over thirty years of life's success to share and hope you can glean some important part of my experiences that help you get to a healthy lifestyle and positive mental attitude.

This is not rocket science or at times easy. Joy and satisfaction comes from the altar of sacrifice. You get out from what you put into the effort.

I will be your guide....I will be your mentor.....You will lead and not will "make dust and not eat dust!"

Bubba.....June 24, 2009


  1. Sweeeet! Keep it comimg, Dad! I love you!

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